eMule 下载设置





To update IP-filter go to eMule settings -> Security. Copy and paste this link (http://upd.emule-security.net/ipfilter.zip) to “Update from URL:” window.

And click to Load button.
Notes: If you use eMule 0.42 or older version or eMulePlus MOD, you can download Ip-filter manually from it link.
After downloading, unzip file guarding.p2p to you eMule /config directory. And rename it to ipfilter.dat
Go to eMule settings -> Security and click Reload button (For eMulePlus MOD, reload the eMule).



Click on the link “Add to emule” on the main page of this site.
Or go to eMule Server tab. Copy and paste this link (http://upd.emule-security.net/server.met.gz) on the “Update server.met from URL” window. And click to Update button.
Also you can go to eMule settings -> Server and activate “Auto-update server list at startup” options.
After this, click on the “List..” button and paste link (http://upd.emule-security.net/server.met.gz).
Disable options – Update server list when connecting to a server & Update server list when a client connects.

Notes: Our serverlist does not contain any fake-servers (such as Sonny Boy) created with anti-peer2peer organizations.



For the initial connection to Kademlia network is necessary to you the file with the list of some other users which connected to Kademlia.
Download the file nodes.dat and place it to emule/config folder.
Go to eMule Kad tab and click on “Connect”.
With the following connections to Kademlia renew file nodes.dat is not necessary.


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