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My TOP 20 freeware titles featured on Freewaregenius.
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2007

Launchy; Once I got used to this one I began to wonder how I ever managed without it.

Dexpot: How would you like a ‘tabbed desktop’ where each ‘tab’ displays its own files, programs, and icons or even its own wallpaper and display resolution. That’s pretty much the idea behind virtual desktops, and Dexpot is the best freeware virtual desktop program around. 

Spyware Terminator: Has saved my behind so many times. Because I test a lot of software, I invariably let in all sorts malware and spyware, and Spyware Terminator has been extremely effective in getting rid of it. It does a fast scan which I advise you to perform daily. 

AVG Free Antivirus: Love it. I recommend it to everyone who complains of their antivirus software (4 out of every 5 people, it seems), and they always come back to thank me. 

Evernote: create notes and capture web clippings for viewing offline. If you do a lot of research on the Internet try this one; you’l wonder how you ever managed without it. 

Mediamonkey: the makers of this music manager are betting that you will love the FREE version so much you will buy the ’gold’ one. They have a very good bet going. 

Altiris SVS: It lets you install software “virtually” rather than directly on your system, so that you can easily deactivate and remove installed programs later on. I cannot live without this, given the amount of software I install on my machine. 

URL Snooper: The key to downloading just about any media that you can see in your browser; simply a wonderful tool. 

Faststone Image Capture: I use it daily for all Freewaregenius screenshots. 

Comodo Free Firewall: I’ve tried a number of free firewall programs and this one is by far my favorite. 

Flashget: Not just a download manager; will download torrents and all kinds of streaming media (including WMV and FLV). 

Karen’s Replicator: a beautiful program that keeps my data always backed up. 

ALpass: a password manager that automatically fills log-in forms. I should have given it 5 stars. 

CCleaner: I like it! Use it every day. 

Easy CD/DVD Burner : my default CD/DVD burning program. Does most everything you would want from a DVD burner, including straight copying and converting MP3s into audio CD’s. Burns to double density DVDs as well. 

RipIt4Me: What can I say; the RipIt4Me / DVDdecrypter / DVDshrink combination is fantastic. (Backup any DVD). 

Stablauncher: a launcher that somehow survived my propensity to remove launchers within 2 weeks of installing them (and which I use constantly). 

MP3Tag: Powerful audio file tag manager. I’ve been using this one for years. 

Unlocker: One of the first things I install on any computer I use. Will remove any locking handle that any application or process maintains on a file so you can delete or change it. 

7 Zip: I tried most freeware zip programs, including IZarc and Tugzip, but eventually came back to this one. Even when it forgoes a lot of the others’ bells and whistles, its powerful, reliable, and simple. 

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