CodeTyphon version 1.70 released


changed log:

======> 22-May-2011 ver 1.70 =================================================

   -ADD pl_Graphics32VPR ,Vectorial Polygon Rasterizer for Graphics32 (Win32, Win64, WinCE)
   -ADD pl_BGRAcontrols  ,Visual Components for pl_BGRAbitmap library (Win32, Win64, Linux32, Linux64, WinCE) 
   -ADD pl_pl_ZenGLD3D   ,ZenGL library for DirectX  (Win32, Win64)

   -Rename/Update pl_mooncomp to pl_GeoGIScomp (Win32, Win64, WinCE, Linux32, Linux64) 

   -Update/Fix pl_freefpider 
   -Update pl_Synapse      (SVN 20-5-2011)
   -Update pl_BGRAbitmap   (SVN 20-5-2011)
   -Update pl_ZenGL        (SVN 20-5-2011) 
   -Update pl_GLScene      (SVN 22-5-2011)
   -Update pl_LNetComp     (SVN 20-5-2011)
   -Update pl_KambiEngine  (SVN 20-5-2011)
   -Update pl_LNetComp     (SVN 20-5-2011) 
   -Update pl_FortesReport (SVN 20-5-2011)
   -Update pl_OpenWire     (SVN 20-5-2011)

   -Port pl_Graphics32 to WinCE
   -Port pl_Synapse to WinCE
   -Port pl_lNet to WinCE
   -Port pl_Indy to WinCE
   -Port pl_VisualPlanIt to WinCE
   -Port pl_APE to WinCE
   -Port pl_DCP to WinCE
   -Port pl_FreeSpider to WinCE
   -Port pl_PowerPDF to WinCE
   -Port pl_OpenWire to WinCE

   -Port pl_GLScene to Linux32 and Linux64 (Manual installation to Lazarus IDE for Linux)
   -Port pl_KambiEngine to Linux32 and Linux64 (Manual installation to Lazarus IDE for Linux)    

NOTE:  Lazarus 0.9.31   Source from SVN 22-05-2011 Rev 30845
       FreePascal 2.5.1 Source from SVN 19-05-2011 Rev 17500



Server 1 (main Server)

Server 2 (

Server 3 (


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