DDevExtensions 1.9发布——支持Delphi2009


  • Added: Support for Delphi 2009
  • Added: Compiler-Dialog: AutoSave after successful compile (default: off)
  • Added: OldPalette: AlphaSort option for the palette popup menu
  • Added: OldPalette supports “Small Fonts” for the tab font
  • Added: “Close all and terminate” by keeping the CTRL key pressed while closing the IDE (from DelphiSpeedUp)
  • Added: Disable package cache option (from DelphiSpeedUp)
  • Added: Shows waiting cursor while loading designtime package (from DelphiSpeedUp)
  • Added: Option to enable the IDE’s “User can cancel kibitzing” feature [CodeCompletion and HelpInsight can be aborted by ESC/mouse move]
  • Added: The “Add to implementation” checkbox in the “Use Unit” Dialog can be switch by pressing the SHIFT-key
  • Renabled: Editor Focus bugfix (bug still exists)
  • Removed: Delphi 5-2007 support
  • Removed: ComponentSelector (superseded by Delphi’s ToolPalette search edit)
  • Removed: CompilerEnhancements (superseded by the new project warning options)
  • Removed: FormDesigner Alt key disables guide lines (superseded by Delphi 2009’s implementation)



DDevExtensions 1.9发布——支持Delphi2009》有一个想法


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