Thunderbird 插件之Google Contacts

Google Contacts is the Thunderbird add-on that enables Thunderbird to access and manage Gmail contacts. After you installed the add-on, all contacts are imported to Thunderbird’s address books; contacts in Gmail are mapped to cards and contact groups are mapped to mail lists. When you changes the cards or mail lists, the changes applied to Gmail contacts immediately; it is similar to the way IMAP updates messages properties. Please note that it works only when you are at online. Any changes you do while you are at offline will be discarded when you go online.

Google Contacts 是thunderbird访问gmail的通讯录的扩展,安装后,gmail的联系人就会导入到thunderbird的通讯录里面,在你修改了本地的联系人卡片或邮件列表后,修复马上反应到gmail当中,就像IMAP更新邮件一样,必须注意的是,只是在连线的时候才起作用,所有脱机情况下的修改在再次连线的时候,会被丢弃。



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